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Educate Yourself Find a Supplier Compare Decide

Switching is easy.

Once you know which supplier you prefer, just let them know. We’ll handle the rest.

Confirm your choice

Your new provider will notify us of your decision, then Ameren Illinois will send you a letter confirming your supplier of choice. Click here to learn how to contact us.

What might your new bill look like?

Once you switch, your energy bill can come in a number of forms. It’s up to your new provider to decide which format to use.  Depending on the supplier you choose, you may get a single bill from us or your supplier, or two bills, one from us for delivery and the other from your supplier for electric supply. 

Stay up to date with pricing changes

Periodically, you’ll want to contact your energy supplier and reassess your contract. Prices can change, introductory offers expire and service can vary. It’s a good idea to shop around every year or two to evaluate new offers.

Just in case: Dropping your supply company

Check your supplier contract for termination provisions and fees, then contact your supplier to start the process. The supplier will notify us, and we will send you a notification letter with the appropriate next steps.

Know who to call

Once you make the switch, you’ll need to know who to call in different scenarios. As a general rule, if you have questions about storm-caused outages, downed lines, delivery costs or meter reading, call Ameren Illinois. If you have questions about supply costs, you will want to call your new electric supplier. Click here for more information.