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Find a supplier

Only companies certified by the ICC and registered with Ameren Illinois are approved as suppliers. Some of these companies will advertise and others won’t. Click here to start shopping.

Educate Yourself Find a Supplier Compare Decide

Explore the possibilities.

Ameren Illinois electric customers have options when it comes to choosing an energy supplier, and we are committed to helping you learn all about them. You see, Ameren Illinois is a delivery company responsible for getting energy to you safely and reliably. But you can choose another supplier to provide the electricity that we deliver to your home or business.

Sign up with a third-party energy supplier

Finding the best energy price and most convenient service for you is easy. Think of it like buying car insurance. It’s up to you to research competing providers and get quotes. You get pricing options based on your individual circumstances, then compare prices and decide which provider is right for you. But before you start, learn about your energy bill. Understand your current supply cost and your usage patterns so you can be a smart, savvy shopper. Then take the next step.

Let your municipality or county choose a supplier for you

Today, a growing number of Illinois towns, cities and counties are asking residents and small businesses to join together for greater buying power in the retail electric supply market – an approach called “aggregation.”

Aggregation allows municipalities and counties to negotiate prices from a retail electric supplier on behalf of their constituents. In this option, you are choosing to go with a supplier your municipality selects, rather than picking your own supplier. Learn more about municipal or county aggregation and how it may affect you.

Produce your own energy

More and more people are searching for ways to use renewable resources to generate their own electricity and save on energy costs. Visit this site to learn more about how to produce your own energy and how it affects your service.

Stick with your default supplier

What if you don’t feel like switching now? No problem. If you do nothing, Ameren Illinois will continue to purchase your energy – just like we do today. To learn more about managing your default supply, click here.