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Make the Switch

Once you’ve done your homework, you’re ready to make the switch. Click here to learn how to finish your electricity supply shopping and put your decision into action.

Educate Yourself Find a Supplier Compare Decide

Compare your offers.

Once you have contacted suppliers that interest you, they will usually ask for your account number. They might need to get your electric usage information from us before they can make you an offer – and that's okay. No other customer information will be shared.

Once they provide you with offers, you will want to learn the elements of those offers so you can compare them.

Know which costs to compare

When it comes to costs, make sure you’re comparing apples with apples. See the notated bill below to identify each component of your energy bill.

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Bill Illustration

Understand your enrollment terms

Before you decide, make sure you know how long you are expected to remain under contract with your new provider and ask about any fees that may apply, such as early termination fees.

Review billing methods

Depending on the energy supplier, there are several ways you may be billed. This is up to the energy supplier, so be sure to check with them regarding their billing practices:

Single bill
You may receive one consolidated bill from your new provider. Or you may receive one consolidated bill from us. Either way, your provider and Ameren Illinois will share billing information and deliver it in one convenient package.

Dual bill
You may receive a bill for electric supply from your new energy provider and one for delivery services from Ameren Illinois. (This could be similar to your phone bill: one bill for long-distance charges and another bill for local services.)